Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Battle Of Britain On Twitter

The Imperial War Museum has started an interesting project in which they will post the 1940 Operation Record Books of RAF Duxford and No. 19 Squadron to Twitter. Yes, Twitter! The posts will be in real time (plus 70 years of course!) throughout the Battle of Britain period. I expect most of the posts will be quite dry (war being nine tenths boredom and one tenth terror) but I'm quite excited to have stumbled onto the project.

The Operation Record Books are not accessible to the general public so this is only way most of us are ever going to see their contents. One of No. 19 Squadron's pilots was the famous Douglas Bader and I'm curious about how often he is mentioned and the contexts, given his, er, colourful personality. No. 19 was definitely at the sharp end of the Battle of Britain so the project offers a unique insight into the period.

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