Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey Buddy, Got Any Spare Luck?

Thanks to the illegal activities of a certain scumbag landlord, I'm dealing with the biggest crises of my life. More details when I get things calmed down a bit. If you have any luck to spare, I could use some right now.


  1. thanks to a certain scumbag tenant who used more than his FAIR share of electricity, now also a scam bastard by almost tripling the hydro bill, all for your failing business endeavors.Karma has a way of getting around loser!

  2. and by the way lowser the hydro was shut off due to your illegal electrical wiring activities. look at that not only are you a loser your also not a f'n
    electrician o-o

  3. what would the luck be?.... yes of course a rental unit with hydro included ... like i said earlier karma has its way....mole!