Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Online Wishlist

A few years ago I setup an online Christmas wish list for my family. It was just a PHP program that I found on the 'net, but it worked OK. Last year I had some problems on the server which broke the wish list application. I never fixed it and thought that no one would notice. I was wrong. Most of the family missed the wish list to some extent.

My plan was to write the wish list application from scratch. I wanted to try some web development in Python and this was a good opportunity. I had a year to do it, plenty of time, right? Nope. I really don't know why nothing happened. I was not very busy during the summer. I have no excuse really. With only four weeks until Christmas, I debated whether to even bother now. Its really only 2 weeks if the wish list is going to be useful at all, since most people only shop the week before Christmas.

Anyway I decided to try anyway. I'm not sure what this says about me. Am I the world's greatest procrastinator? Or maybe I just don't know a lost cause when I see one. Anyway, if the application is not functional this year, at least I'll have made a start for next Christmas, although the family may have given up on me by then.

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