Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rough Weekend

I was hoping to get a lot done on the TomsGiftList project this weekend. Although I did make some progress, it was mostly an exercise in frustration. The goal was to have a user registration and login functional enough for testing. I'm not even close.

On Saturday, the big mistake was not splitting the registration web page specification into smaller units. By attempting to complete everything, I wasted a lot of time on functionality that could be done later. I dived in too fast and paid the price.

Sunday, was a different story. I needed the database model working to bridge registration and login. I played with SQLAlchemy before so I had some examples that worked. All I need to do was figure out how to integrate it with Pylons. Do you think I could find a Pylons example that worked? Every example on the Pylons web site had a problem, and without knowing more about Pylons, it was impossible to fix anything. Eventually, the Pylons Book SimpleSite Tutorial worked which was a relief. I'll have to remember to try there first next time I need help.

With a database connection setup, I can proceed with making the web pages do something useful.

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