Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3D Woes

It looks like my plans for a New Year's Day BZFlag game are in trouble. I configured the server a few days ago and it works fine, no problems there. The client side is a different story. The client is crashing hard, like it takes down the whole computer. I can't even login remotely.

Since I don't run 3D applications very often, the problem may be BZFlag, a kernel problem, a library bug, or a zillion other things. And, since is is a hard crash, there's nothing running that can write a log message or any sort of a clue. I hate it when software gets this complicated.

Unless I can figure this out soon, I guess the game is off. Sniff. Wipes a tear.


  1. Try turning off "Lighting" in the options menu.

  2. Thanks for the tip but the problem seems to have mysteriously fixed itself without my doing anything. Which is just as bad as the problem itself.

    I'm calling PEBKAK. Might as well blame myself since the software seems to be working perfectly now.