Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Windows. Sigh

Sometime I wish hadn't done so much Windows development over the years. The problem is the systems are all getting old. The newest is already nine years old. The oldest is now 16 years old. Thankfully, the latter system has seen some improvements apart from OS upgrades, but all of the core functionality is still original.

The main obstacle is cost of course, even in good times never mind a recession. For me there is a bigger problem, however. These are all Microsoft shops and they'll have not yet seen the light of open source. This is a common in the smaller companies that are my usual clientele. Unfortunately, there not much I do except be there to offer advice when it is needed. I never try and persuade anyone to use open source.

So even if these ageing system are replaced, they will use Windows again. Sigh. If I'm lucky, the replacement systems may use open source databases, programing languages, and other bits, but that is the best that I can expect.

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