Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Computers In Cars

A few days ago I read this great commentary about the over use of embedded systems in cars, which I thought was spot on. Today I see this article and it makes me want to cry. The thing that the really bugs me, is the "will make driving safer and easier" part.

First, driving is hard. For most people the most challenging part of their day is the drive to and from work. Second, using technology to make driving easier does not, and cannot, make it safer. The only thing that makes driving safer is better driving skills.

What this type of head-up display will do, is distract drivers into looking at the wrong thing at the wrong time. I predict collisions would be more likely in cars equipped with these systems. But what do I know? If people at GM think a HUD system like this will sell more cars, you can bet it will appear in some models.

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