Tuesday, March 30, 2010

F1 Australia 2010

It was sooooo boring!

I'm joking! ^_^ With all the hand ringing over how boring Bahrain was, Australia should keep everyone quiet at least for short while.

Vettel's qualifying lap was absolutely stunning and is worth rewatching but once again reliability robbed him of the victory, after a mechanical failure caused him to crash. Webber had an embarrassing race and managed only ninth place. This was not the expected outcome after Redbull locked out the front row of the grid. On the other hand, the Redbull is undoubtedly very fast, and solving reliability issues is preferable to finding more speed.

The difference between Button and Hamilton was very evident in this race. Button displayed an impressively cool head when he called for a risky change to slicks. Hamilton on the other hand was obviously upset with the team's decision to make a second tire change. It may tell us something about why Martin Wittmarsh brought Button into the team, since it balances the teams opportunities during a race weekend.

Even though the race was very exciting, the very real problem of passing was clearly evident when the performance of the cars is very close. The number being mentioned is 3 seconds a lap, which is how much faster you need to be in order to pass. 3 seconds a lap in an F1 car is an enormous difference and is clearly immpossible when the top cars are so evenly matched.

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