Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eve No Jikan

Eve no Jikan is a sci-fi anime series that draws its inspiration from Asimov's Robot novels and Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The story examines the relationship between humans and machines that think and feel. The latter is normally suppressed by some control circuit. The androids are so lifelike that they are required to project a halo above their heads, in order to distinguish them from a humans.

There are secret cafés where the androids can turn off the halos. In these places they can behave like, and interact with, humans as equals. The main character Rikuo, and his friend Masaki, stumble upon one of these cafés called the Time of Eve (Eve no Jikan). What is most surprising how difficult it is for them to accept that they have to treat all other the customers as equals, whether android or human. The androids don't seem to have this problem.

The story doesn't draw any conclusions but I felt uneasy watching it. If we create an intelligent, artificial life form, I wouldn't be comfortable treating it like a mere machine.

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