Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Little Smug

Way back around 1998 or so when I was first deciding on which open source database to use, I choose PostgreSQL on technical merit. Later, as the ramifications of MySQL's dual licensed business model became apparent, I realize that PostgeSQL was a good choice for other non-technical reasons as well.

Also in the late 90s, I first played with Java on Linux. At the time Java on Linux sucked, as Sun did not officially support Linux, and was one big reason I was turn off by Java. My search for a new programming language led me to discover Python around 2000 or so. Again, the choice was influenced by non-technical reasons.

I've never been a fan large application suites because they are the Windows way of doing things. I came to Linux directly from the Amiga where such suites never existed. Consequently I never used OpenOffice and chose individual applications for each function instead. As before, this was not a technical choice but one based on my existing experience.

All the open source software that I avoided in the last decade or so, is now owned by Oracle after they acquired Sun. Oracle seems hell bent on destroying all the goodwill that they acquired along with software. Of course, the open source software will continue without Oracle, but you'll pardon me for feeling a little smug that I avoided this debacle (even if it was mostly by luck ^_^).

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