Monday, November 29, 2010

Military Intelligence

You want your military personnel to be able to share important information securely? Here's how you do it.

First, you create a very secure military network. Make sure it has a long name that needs an acronym like SIPRNet, for example. Second, give millions of your most trusted military personnel access to the secure network. There's no top secret information on the network so you are still fairly safe having so many people with access to it.

Finally, in a stroke of genius, give your diplomats access to the secure military network and encourage them to share information on it. Here is where your problems start. Some of this diplomatic information is politically embarrassing and therefore potentially more dangerous than the top secret variety. And you've just shared it with millions of military personnel that you wouldn't trust with the top secret stuff.

Yeah, a leak was never, ever, going to happen. Military intelligence. It always was, and forever shall be, a contradiction of terms.

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