Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pay Wall Without The Walls

Oh my giddy aunt! The New York Times pay wall has hit a new level of stupidity. According to this techdirt article, the pay wall is written in... Javascript(!) and is trivially bypassed with NoScript enabled.

WTF? Who the hell wpould use client side code to create a pay wall? And who the hell would pay someone to write something so ridiculous? Well, someone at the New York Times apparently. Heads should roll for this embarrassing mistake.

Interestingly, the paywall is active in Chromium with Javascript disabled, which indicates the difference in Chromium's blocking capabilities compared to NoScript. Lack of NoScript is one of the reasons I am no longer so enthusiastic about Google's browser.

Hmm, note to self: must look at Firefox 4 again now that it has been released...

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