Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time With Old Friends

Last night, I spent a few hours with two old friends, Alan and Robert. The weather looked iffy and I've been in a gloomy mood lately, so I was in two minds about joining them but decided to go out at the last minute. Strangely, the conversation was dominated by the economy and job hunting, and not the usual technical stuff.

Alan has been out of work since 2009 and has only had a few short term contracts, nothing longer than a few weeks. Sounds very similar to my experience in the last few years. He says there's been a spike in postings for project manager positions but he isn't getting any more responses than before, so it is still an uphill battle. Like me, he is a jack-of-trades in world that demands specialists. Younger specialists.

And I was right about the weather. The snow arrived earlier than was forecast. And I developed a major exhaust leak. The drive home was slippery and annoyingly loud.

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