Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family BBQ 2010

This year's annual family BBQ was extra special as all my siblings joined us for the first time. I had a great time but for some strange reason the we divided into two groups and it required extra effort to mingle. Not sure what was going on. Humour at these gatherings tends to be rather earthy and perhaps the group consisting of the "regulars" were worried about offending the visitors. That's impossible to do as far as I'm concerned. People did mingle, so the separation wasn't a problem, just kind of odd.

My sister from the UK enjoyed sitting outside long after sunset because the temperature was still comfortable, unlike in the UK were it cools down very quickly. It it wasn't for the mosquitoes which were eating her alive, we would have stayed outside until much latter.

We were missing two of the regulars. My nephew Max was out town, working for his street photo surveying job (not for Google Streetview). My grand nephew Steven had to report for the start his of military training today. That's a great story that deserves a separate post.

The entire batch of my koeksisters was devoured. That's always a good sign!

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