Sunday, July 11, 2010

Military Service

When my grand nephew Steven graduated from high school in June 2009, he decided he wanted to join the Armed Forces. He was only seventeen at the time so he needed a parent to sign the application. They refused. So he waited until he turned eighteen and applied anyway. At this point we got a idea of how serious he was about this. But that wasn't the end of it.

The medical examination revealed a possible complication which required further tests. The results took about six months to come back and during that time Steven's commitment never wavered. The tests were negative and the final hurdle was cleared, and his application was accepted. Steven's patience to see it though to the end, blew away any lingering doubt about how much he wanted to do this.

Steven departed yesterday to begin basic training. Ultimately he will be trained as an aircraft technician. I have no doubt he will work hard to succeed at his chosen career. No one in my family has ever seen any military service, so this is a big deal for all of us.

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