Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UK ISPs On The Hook

UK ISPs are on the hook for 25% of the cost of chasing after their file sharing customers. Effectively, the ISP is spending its own money on a process that will cost them a customer no matter what happens, just to satisfy the rights holders.

And let us not forget that those rights holders are billion dollar companies. Show me an ISP that earns that kind money.

Of course, the ISPs can pass the cost on to all their customers. That is even less fair. Why should the average Internet user support these billion dollar corporations?

And it's all a complete waste of money as this won't stop users from downloading. It might stop them from using peer-to-peer file sharing, but there are plenty of other options available. And that's not including new methods that haven't even been invented yet.

In the downloading arms race, the rights holders have already lost. They are just too blind (or stupid) to realized it yet.

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