Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wave Server Progress

I got the open source Wave server, FedOne, to sort of work. All I've been able to do, is connect with the text console client which is very primitive, so it's nothing to get excited about. I abandoned using my issued certificate with FedOne and resorted to a self signed certificate. This will be a problem later when federating with other servers, as FedOne can be configured to not accept self signed certificates. Anyway, there other problems I need to address first, such as persistent storage and a GUI web client.

I've also realized my notes are a mess. I've been hacking to get FedOne working and was less than methodical at times. Which means I'll need to go through everything one more time before I can claim any sort of expertise. Or maybe Wave-In-A-Box will moot everything I've done anyway since it will use the same source code that I've been playing with.

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