Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wave In A Box

Last week Google announced their plans to enable others to keep Wave alive. It will be the first step for a federated Wave community that is independent of Google.

It's a good thing but I'm also leery of Google's open source efforts. The FedOne server seems over engineered for what it does. Sometimes I think Google employs too many smart people. A few more pragmatic programmers might provide a better balance. I'm hoping Wave In A Box simplifies everything a little bit.

On the other hand, FedOne is written in Java which always looks over engineered to me, so maybe I'm completely wrong. ^_^


  1. I think Google haas become Microsoft cerca 1990's. To much ruled by enginerries. I am looking forward to Wave in a Box so I can actually run a server but it is going to suck because it's just going to be one giant java thing.

  2. I don't mind java it makes it easier to maintain code. over engineered I don't think there is such a thing Thou there should be someone to explain to the common guy what this does instead of beeing so techincally about it.

    I'm gonna look forward to the release. but I'm gonna dread the day they close down their own.