Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cosmetic Bug

I noticed these messages in BIND's logs today:

managed-keys-zone ./IN/internal: loading from master file 3bed2cb3a3acf7b6a8ef408420cc682d5520e26976d354254f528c965612054f.mkeys failed: file not found
The messages started after the upgrade to BIND 9.7.3 on Debian 6.0. I had not checked the logs before because BIND has worked fine since the upgrade, but new messages should always be investigated.

Thankfully, the message is the result of a cosmetic bug and is no cause for concern. BIND will only generate the file if the managed-keys statement appears in the configuration, but BIND checks for the file even when the managed-keys statement is missing, which renders looking for the file pointless.

Creating an empty file is the simplest work around, but I decided to leave the messages in the log, since I now know they are benign.

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