Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Wolverine anime is loosely based on the the first Wolverine comic, a four part limited series. You will note that I said "loosely". I never read the original but based a couple of reviews (here and here) of the comic series, the anime does deviate considerably from the comic in several areas.

Notably, while the comic was a turning point for the character, the anime offers nothing that deep, which is odd considering how tragically the anime ends. But then again, the ending is completely opposite from the comic as well. Another major difference is that every female character in the anime dies, which is kind of peculiar.

Oh dear, perhaps even "loosely based on" is too strong. Maybe "insipidly inspired by"? ^_^

Nevertheless, the Wolverine anime is very entertaining, delivering breathless, almost non-stop action. In fact, I feel the pace could have been a little slower, which is the opposite of how I felt about Iron Man. Maybe X-Men will be just right. ^_^

(Apparently, Blade has also been added to the Marvel-anime experiment.)

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