Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter WIth The Family

I spent Easter at my sister Pat's home, along with most of the family. We were missing my other sister Jean and my nephew Max, both because of work. The dinner highlight was the beef curry that Pat made. It was yummy. ^_^ I haven't had beef curry since leaving South Africa as my sisters usually make chicken curry, which is also delicious but the bones are a little annoying.

I got into a lengthy discussion with my nephew Doug about why Hollywood produces such crap these days compared to just twenty or thirty years ago. I think we hit the main reasons quite nicely (basically a reliance on gimmicks: action, CGI, and now 3D). Not that our opinion matters since neither of us are in the the target demographic these days.

As usual the festivities wrapped up much too early (I was home by nine), but most people have to work tomorrow so it was to be expected for Easter Sunday. The next full family gathering is the BBQ in July.

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