Monday, March 2, 2009

The End Gets Closer

I worked on the DNS server today and made good progress. It is at the stage where it makes sense to install it and finish it remotely. The server was much closer to this point than my notes had indicated, and I'm not sure why. I missed something somewhere. The unit will be installed later this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

The LAMP server might also have the first user site running later this week. This is the Symfony developer so I can't predict how smoothly it will go, since I don't know the developer's experience level. Anyway, I have direct contact with him which will make resolving problems a little easier. Communication is so much simpler when there is no middle man.

I also spent some time talking to my contacts to see if they have any work for April, but it is looking grim at moment. There is so little good news on the economy lately, which naturally makes people nervous about committing to long term projects.

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