Monday, May 31, 2010

F1 Turkey 2010

It was an exciting race. The Mclarens were clearly much closer to the Redbulls in the race compared to qualifying. Hamilton pushed Webber quite hard until the pit stops. Redbull reacted quickly when Hamilton pitted, but he had a problem in the stop so Webber easily held on to the lead. Vettel later passed Hamilton in the pits which setup another possible Redbull one-two finish.

That is, until Vettel decided to pass Webber and it ended in tears. The general opinion seems to be that Vettel turned into Webber unnecessarily. Webber could definitely have given Vettel a little more room, but Vettel was never in any danger of being forced of the road. They hadn't reached the breaking point for the corner yet, so Vettel had time to make a different choice. The collision took Vettel out of the race and dropped Webber back to third, leaving Mclaren with a potential one-two finish.

But then Button saw an opportunity and decided to have a go at Hamilton. Fortunately, this one ended much less dramatically, but it was great wheel-to-wheel fight which lasted four corners. There was even some contact, which was heart stopping after the incident between the Redbulls, but Hamilton won the fight fairly. The reason this did not end in tears was that Hamilton and Button gave each other just that little bit more room, which is very important in a twitchy F1 car.

I throughly enjoyed this race which once again demonstrated that passing is key for exciting racing.

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