Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sore Winner

The only thing worse than a sore loser, is a sore winner. Bell got everything it wanted in usage based billing. The only requirement was that they had to downgrade their grandfathered unlimited subscribers to UBB before it would take effect on the wholesale ISPs. Instead of getting on with satisfying the requirement, Bell complains about it to the CRTC. Considering how long it takes for the CRTC to decide anything, Bell's complaint only serves to delay UBB even further. How dumb is that?

Bell's submission is about more than UBB, though. The wholesale ISPs finally have access to the cable companies networks. The wholesalers have found a loophole that allow them to offer unlimited accounts over cable. Er, wait, unlimited is back again? Since Bell wants to eliminate unlimited accounts from its competitors, this latest development must have caused some serious cursing over at Bell. Even worse, some wholesale ISPs are offering 10Mb/s unlimited accounts on the cable networks, at least double the speed they can offer with DSL.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy watching Bell squirm for a while. ^_^

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