Friday, October 29, 2010

I Hate U.S. TV

It's time for the "I hate U.S. TV" rant again.

I just started watching Caprica even though the series started in January. The first season went on hiatus after nine episodes and just returned as season 1.5 this month. Unfortunately, the ratings were too low for the execs at the Syfy channel so they cancelled the show!

Let me get this straight. You put a show on hiatus for more than six months and you expect the ratings to just magically bounce back when the series returns? Well, it just shows that TV executives are a lot dumber that I thought they were. Of course this is the Syfy channel. They probably needed to free up the schedule for more wrestling.

I am enjoying the series but I'm debating whether to continue watching, since it's basically pointless now. Decisions, decisions.

That wasn't much of a rant, was it?

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  1. Caprica just started here in oz, but I only watched the first 2 episodes. Its one of those cases of not enough sci in the sci-fi for my liking.