Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Some of us sat outside and enjoyed the warm sunny weather: kind of unusual for Thanksgiving. We were even bugged by some wasps and were entertained when a large spider, which had built its web up in the canopy, snared one of the wasps. Something about small things amusing small minds... ^_^

Richard and his fiancé, Terry, are having Thanksgiving dinner with her family tomorrow and Richard happened to mention that it will be a lot quieter. Uh, Oh! Hopefully they won't find us too annoying when the two families eventually meet. I pointed out that at least we are sober and noisy as opposed to being drunk and noisy. It makes a huge difference.

I was surprised that my grand nephew Steven was able to join us since the military don't follow public holidays. It was just a fluke as he was getting leave every other weekend anyway. He is completing basic next week and then starts his aircraft technical training at CFB Borden.

The party was over by 8:30 pm. It seems these things are breaking up earlier and earlier as we get older. Sigh.

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