Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations

My family's Thanksgiving get together is a little bit bit different this year. My sister Pat is still hosting but, since she is recovering from surgery, everyone is preparing a dish or two so she can take it easy. The dinner, which is usually on Sunday, has been moved to Saturday because my nephew Richard is having Thanksgiving dinner with his fiancé's family on Sunday.

Because of the cooking commitment and the schedule change, I wasn't going to bake anything this time. I changed my mind a few days ago so I had to scramble a little to get all the ingredients. Ever notice how things are always sold out when you really, really need it now?

Anyway, that's the baking done. I still have to cook in the morning, so it will be another early start. Gee, I hope I have enough energy left for the get together!

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