Sunday, January 2, 2011

BZFlag Bust! Again!

I ran the 2011 New Year's Day BZFlag game again. It was a bust! Again!

I invited more people by adding my nephews in the list and still only one person, my nephew Mark, decided to try it. I extended the time the server would be available to well over 48 hours, and it didn't help.

Mark and I only played against each other once because I forgot one valuable lesson: set a fixed game time. This helped in the 2010 game which did attract two people, although one of them played for less than half an hour. The game really needs a minimum of three players.

Anyway, it doesn't bother me that nobody has any time for the game. It's my personal New Year's Day tradition and it's just a bonus if family and friends join the fun. However, it would help if I was better organized.

I'm off to have a final bash before I shut down the server. ^_^

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