Friday, January 14, 2011

If Anything Can Go Wrong

The week started slow but ended up very busy after the power supply came in, as I had to dive back into a project that has been on hold since the beginning on December. The project is a rebuild of an industrial PC, and is the second of a pair of controllers that went into production way back in 2004. The first controller was rebuilt earlier in 2010.

This project is an example of how the unexpected can really derail things. The original problem was the NIC on the SBC; the power supply was fine. During an overnight test, the power supply's fan failed unexpectedly. The fan had been making a very slight noise but it wasn't the sound of something about to break. The power supply itself continued to work so initially I replaced only the fan. However, further testing soon proved that the power supply was definitely suffering from heat stroke. And so it was decided that a new power supply was needed...

...and then six weeks later, I get to resume work on the project!

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