Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Free Lunch

My new server has finally reached the point where I can use it for downloading. So what took so long?

Most of the software I'm using on my current server, which runs Debian "sid" for historical reasons, wasn't packaged for Debian "lenny", so I've had to back port several packages and their corresponding dependencies. The most important one was SABnzbd, which I got working today. The next important application will be rtorrent but I use torrents very little these days, so it is not as urgent.

Debian "squeeze", which is very close to being released, would have had all the software available, and I did consider waiting for the new release, but no one knows exactly when that might happen. I also considered using a pre-release "squeeze" but there may be "gotchas" and I'm in not a beta-tester mood. So I'm taking a fairly conservative approach, which unfortunately involves extra work of a different kind. The saying, "there's no free lunch," applies to projects as well.

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