Monday, January 24, 2011

Car Insurance

I long for the good old days when car insurance seemed simple. I was reviewing the 10(!) pages of information that came with my insurance renewal today. This is called "being transparent". Yeah, about as transparent as lead.

The surprise was my premium only went up by 12 cents this year. I made some adjustments to the policy and cut about $200 from the cost. That tiny achievement will likely be wiped out next year. The insurance companies whined and pouted until the provincial government approved a rate increase.

The car insurance companies are always complaining about rising value of claims and the increasing problems with fraud, and yet none of them quit the business. Why? If it is such a tough business as they claim, why bother? Could it be, maybe, perhaps, it's not so bad after all? Nah, they would never dissemble about that just to get an increase, would they?

I wish I ran a business in which the law mandated that customers buy my services at prices fixed by the government. Seriously, with the free market effectively eliminated, how could you not be making oodles of money?

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