Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Apartment Hunting

For various reasons, I'm not happy in my current apartment so I've been hunting for a while now. The vacancy situation in Toronto has always been bad but the recession has made the problem much worse. People who are currently renting, are less inclined to purchase a home when they have to worry about losing their jobs.

Since I work from home, my requirements create addition problems. I need more space than is usual for a single person which puts me in competition with couples and families, who will get preferential treatment. I need a reasonable amount of peace and quiet so I need to be careful about who my neighbours might be. That practically eliminates multi-unit buildings which are the most common type of apartment building. I need good ADSL speeds which limits the locations by distance from the Central Offices. That last one is very difficult since only my ISP can make any reasonable estimate for speed.

Many vacancies do not get advertised so I need to get the word out and hope I get lucky. I'm also looking at other options but I'll leave that for another post.

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