Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miro Impressions

I found some time to play with Miro this week. Miro integrates the functionality of a RSS feed reader, a BitTorrent client, and a video player in to one desktop application. Phew! It's a lot stuff in one application, and it shows. Miro is quite large.

The problem for me is that it is all tied to the desktop. My desktop computer is not on all the time, so I would prefer to run the feed reader and BitTorrent client on a server, while the video player naturally belongs on the desktop. Miro is not designed to work this way so it does not fit my requirements. I was hoping Miro would be useful as a short term solution to manage my torrent downloads, but that is not possible.

However, I do like the concept and that is what interests me now. Miro is licensed under the GPL and is written in Python so perhaps there is even some code that I can reuse.

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