Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Joke

It is already looking like a repeat of last Winter. In the years that I've lived in Toronto, I don't recall the snow ever not melting at least a little between storms. Our snow removal procedure is just to push it aside, so when the temperature stays below freezing, the snow does not melt and we quickly run out of places to put it. It is even worse for home owner's who are required to keep the snow their property. Cities like Montreal, which gets much more snow than Toronto, have to pick up the snow and dump it in the river.

Two does not make a pattern so it is unwise to draw any conclusions, but I hope it is an aberration and not a portent of the future. The forecast is for another 5cm on Wednesday and another 20cm next weekend with temperature below freezing through out the week. Marvelous!

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