Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doctor Who

I finally got around to watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. It was enjoyable and well worth the time. But is is also a little sad as it will be one of the last few stories with David Tennant as the Doctor. The title of the Christmas special was "The New Doctor" which I suppose was a little joke from the producers since the official announcement of the new Doctor only came in early January.

The new actor will have some big shoes to fill. David Tennent was by far the best Doctor of all. I also liked how the new series changed the Doctor's personality. The character as been through so much in the intervening years that he seems a lot meaner than the the incarnations of the 1970's and 1980's. Some have even suggested that the current Doctor is a return the first one, who was much more vindictive than the later personas.

It made the return of the series a lot more interesting and watchable. However, the entire creative team has changed as well, so who knows what direction they will decide to take. I'll watch it no matter what since its just so great have Doctor Who back on the air.

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