Thursday, June 24, 2010

Didn't Feel Thing

I was driving to a customer yesterday when the earthquake struck. I didn't feel a thing. ^_^ A quake would have to be really strong, really close, or both, to feel it while in a moving vehicle. I prefer to not feel it, thank you.

I was back at the same customer today and asked who had felt the quake, because no one mentioned it yesterday. It wasn't surprising that the people in plant did not notice as there is usually so much noise and vibration in the manufacturing area. I expected more of the office staff to have noticed but only one person had, which was odd.

In 1969, I experienced a serious earthquake. Even though we quite far from the epicentre, Cape Town was shaken very hard. Like Eastern Canada, quakes in South Africa are not usually not that strong, thank goodness. My family had friends in Ceres, one of the towns that was badly damaged, but luckily they were unharmed.

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