Monday, June 28, 2010

The Letter G

This post is brought to you by the letter "G". "G" is for: G8, G20, Good bye, Good riddance, and GTFO! I'm thankful the city made it through the weekend relatively unscathed (trust me, it could have been much worse) but there are many questions that will remain forever unanswered.

Why do they insist on having these meetings in the middle of a city? It's not like the politicians actually use anything in the city they visit. They show up, cower behind a big fence, chit-chat for a day, accomplish nothing, and leave. The meetings could be held in a remote resort which would be easier to secure. Or have the meeting on a military base where the security is already in place.

Of course, we are talking about politicians, who can't resist wasting tax dollars. Harper uses the riot on Saturday to justify why the security costs so much money. He conveniently ignores that the money was spent to protect the politicians inside their private fenced area, not to protect the city or its people.

And then there was the shameful suspension of basic human rights. First McGuinty secretly passed a law that required anyone with 5 meters of the fence to show identification. "Hello comrade, papers please." Apparently the law was passed so late that it won't be officially published until after the period that the law was in effect.

Ah yes, and let's not forget the police behaviour on Sunday where they used the kettling tactic, which smells of police practices more commonly found in totalitarian societies. The police were likely embarrassed by how they lost control of the events on Saturday and wanted to show 'em who's boss. Unfortunately, all the police showed is that they can be thugs just like the Black Bloc hooligans.

I was involved in the 1976 anti-Apartheid protests in South Africa where it was essentially no-holds-barred, do-what-ever-it-takes, open warfare between police/soldiers and protesters. If the police were facing such a situation, their behaviour might be justified. But they were not and we should expect better from our police. What is really troubling is how the police leadership and the politicians all condone for this kind of behaviour. It pushes us just a little closer to becoming a police state.

Speaking of which, what were most of these groups protesting anyway? There were so many different groups taking the opportunity to promote their causes, that their messages were just a jumble. The lame scream, er, mainstream media doesn't care about the message protesters are trying to deliver. The media are just hoping there will a riot because it sells more copy. And how about one more for the road.

Now will they hurry up and get the damned fence down. You can't even get a straight answer as to how long it will take. And do you know something? There aren't enough swear words beginning with "G".

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