Sunday, June 27, 2010

F1 2010 Europe

It was a surprisingly exciting race at a circuit that is usually somewhat pedestrian. Vettel was back on form and put in an unbeatable qualifying lap. The difference this time was that he converted that pole position into a race win for the first time this season.

Webber qualified in second place but for some reason went backwards through the field on the first lap. The reason for loosing so many places was never explained but it put Webber out of position and racing Kovalainen's Lotus on lap eight, which led to this horrific crash. There's nothing scarier than seeing a race car flying through the air at over 300 km/h. Thankfully, an F1 car is incredibly strong which allowed Webber to walk away.

It was the first time Webber had to pass a Lotus for position and he completely misjudged how early the Lotus brakes compared to the Redbull. I think everyone learned an important lesson about how to race against the slower cars from the new teams. You can't ask the slower teams not to race for position and the top teams need to be a little more cautious when racing the slower cars.

The driver of the day was Kobayashi. He was in third place after the safety car returned to the pits and was only two seconds off the pace of Vettel, while also looking after his first set of tires for almost the entire race. But the the rules requires a tire change which he did with only four laps remaining. The fresh rubber enabled him to pass both Alonso and Buemi. The latter pass was a classic last corner, do-or-die, manoeuvre. Awesome! Kobayashi demonstrated he drives with his head as well as his right foot.

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