Sunday, June 6, 2010


What surprised me about FlashForward was that I kept watching it. The first few episodes were not promising. The series felt too much like a soap opera and had too many gun battles, almost one per episode. The proof that I was hooked came when I resumed following the series after it returned from a three month hiatus.

I was in the minority. A steady decline in ratings ensured that the series would not be renewed. I've been wondering why the show was not able to hold the viewers. It certainly wasn't a terrible series and it catered to the prime time crowd more than the scifi enthusiast.

Perhaps the series reminded too many people of Lost, which seemed to have disappointed many of the loyal viewers who stuck with it for six seasons. There's very little in the first season of FlashForward to indicate that its creators had a long term plan for the series.

Except for the final episode, that is. There's another backout and this time we see flashes as far into the future as 2015. That does suggest there is a long term story arc, but we'll never know now. The folks who gave up on the series, were right as they were spared the cliffhanger ending of an unfinished series.

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