Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little Too Optimistic

My expectations of the open source support for more recent ATI GPUs was a little too optimistic. I bought a card based on the Radeon 3650 GPU which is released in 2008. I had no problem with basic 2D support. The first sign of trouble was when mplayer stumbled rather badly. The X server does not have Xv Video Overlay support for the 3650, which might be the problem.

3D support was much worse. I couldn't get a single 3D application or game to run properly. I was so hopeful that the ATI support was getting better, but it looks like it has some ways to go yet.

There may be tweaks one can use to get it working better, but I ran out time today. Since I depend on mplayer to work properly, I put the old graphics card back for now. I try the new card again after the next X server upgrade.

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