Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Like all types of entertainment, anime has formulas which creators reuse regularly. Anime creators always seem to find interesting twists on every formula so it is not an indicator of how interesting a series might be. One common formula is a teen age boy who lives alone and a teen girl who shows up out of nowhere, and has to move in, which results in lots of opportunities for comedic innuendo. Akikan! follows that basic premise, but the girl is... a can of melon soda!?

The can becomes a girl when someone drinks from it and reverts to being a can when the tab on her ear is pulled. I have no idea where these wacky ideas come from, but the first episode was hilarious so I'm hooked. One of the cool things about anime is that even the most insane shows will usually have some story to explain it all. The first episode established that the government is involved... OK, that's another formula. :-)

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