Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Needed A Break

Today, I decided I needed a break from the the LAMP server project. Its an important project since it might be the only income I generate this month, but I was burying myself in the work, to the point that I was forgetting to eat! Last Monday, I heated my supper around 7pm while I ate a salad. The next morning I found my supper still in the microwave! Never even noticed I missed eating the meal, but it did explain why I was feeling so run down at bed time.

Although I took it easy, it wasn't a holiday. I still had work to do. I caught up with some paper work and went to the bank to make some deposits. In the afternoon, I worked on some personal projects.

I finished the changes on Tom's Project Utility, which enables it to create and remove the Bazaar source code repository. In its current form the utility is at a dead end. The next functions I want add, all require root privileges which makes everything more complicated, especially unit testing. I need to rethink the design before any new development can occur.

With the new functionality in place, I created a new project called Tom's TV Utility, which will eventually manage my Internet TV download tasks. I created a Trac wiki page which describes the manual process. From those notes I hope to find simple jobs that can be automated immediately. Very much in the early stages, but it is a start.

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