Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coding To Relax

I actually did some coding on Tom's TV Utility for a few hours over the last couple of days. It was strangely relaxing. I wonder if coding uses a different part of the brain than solving sysadmin problems. I doubt it but it was nice to work on something and see some progress after a few hours effort. I am writing functional tests for the command line interface, so it certainly wasn't difficult. I'm sure as I get deeper into the design it will become frustrating as well. At least there is no outside pressure so that will help.

I'm using a new testing framework for command line scripts that I found in the Paste project. It works well so far but I haven't really tried everything yet. I write a lot of command line programs and having a helper which hides the sub process calls makes the tests a lot easier to read.

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