Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its Never Easy

I had another one of those days. I was making good progress for a while then ran into a wall again. I'm getting quite frustrated with these road blocks that are taking way too much time to work around. I have all the pieces in place for the LAMP server but getting everything working is another story.

One of the myths of using off-the-shelf components is that everything just works. I've always argued that if it takes a certain amount of effort to complete a project, that effort will still be expended no matter what tools, components, languages, etc., that you use. If you find some tool that lets you develop quickly, you will find that the projects become proportionately more complex. If you have a bunch of components, you will spend that effort making them work together.

I noticed this when I first used Developer Studio some some 15 years ago. Although it made make GUI design easier, I found that people nitpicked a lot more, so you wasted a lot of time tweaking the layouts, instead of writing the actual code. And Developer Studio was quite primitive compared to today's tools.

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