Thursday, February 3, 2011

CRTC Back Peddles But...

The CRTC has back paddled on the UBB decision... by merely delaying the implementation for 60 days so they can study it further. For goodness sake, they've been studying it since the autumn of 2009. If they don't understand the consequences of UBB by now what difference is another 60 days going to make? I smell a rat. My bet is, they (and Bell, who is pushing UBB) are hoping that the attention will die down in 60 days, then it will be back to business as usual.

The CRTC chairman dissembled extensively before his political masters today. For example, when asked why Bell's IPTV is exempt from their retail UBB, he replied that IPTV is not an Internet service. However, this is Bell's definition of IPTV. I'm sure Netflix would disagree. Another example, the chairman indicated that UBB is a common pricing structure. That might be true for retail customers but it definitely not the norm for wholesale customers. Do you see why I don't trust the CRTC?

On the positive side, the Industry Minister has stated that, if the CRTC comes back with the same decision in 60 days, the government will definitely over turn it. OK, but how much does the decision have to change? If the 15% discount on the 40GB usage blocks is increased, would that change be considered acceptable? It should not be, because it still treats the wholesale ISPs as if they just reselling Bell's services.

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