Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RFI Actual Play Podcasts

If you've never played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (perhaps it exceeds your geek out factor ^_^), the folks at Roll For Initiative have recorded the sessions of two campaigns that were played online via Skype. One of the campaigns, Barons of Hogsend, is no longer active unfortunately, but the other, Quest for the Book of Sorrows, is going strong despite having replaced most of the original players. I finally caught up with all the Book of Sorrows episodes this week.

Listening to an AD&D game is like listening to a radio program in which you hear the actors as they play their characters, and the writers as they discuss what the characters are going to do. It's hard to tell which is which since the actors and writers are the same people! In addition, there is very little explanation of the game mechanics as the players are all experienced. As such, if you decide to give these podcasts a try, don't be surprised if you find them slightly confusing at first, especially if you are unfamiliar with the rules.

I recommend listening to the Book of Sorrows series first as it has much faster pace compared to the Barons series. This is largely due to difference in the Dungeon Master's style and isn't really an indication of one being better than the other. And just so you know, there is occasional swearing, although it's surprisingly restrained. ^_^

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