Friday, February 18, 2011

Four Wheel Drive Amusement

The last few days may have been warm enough to melt the snow banks, but the huge ones that the snow plows created in the parking lots, still have a solid ice base under them. I discovered this today when I tried to skirt around the edge of such a snow bank. The part I aimed for was less a foot high and, using the proper "one wheel over the obstacle" technique, I assumed that the melting snow would just collapse under the tire. It did, but as soon as the rear tire hit the sold ice underneath, I was going nowhere. Engaging four wheel drive got me out of course, but it was mildly annoying that I needed it on a very bright sunny day in a bloody grocery store parking lot! At times like this, I really miss the limited slip rear differential I had in my previous truck. Oh well, at least I entertained the store employee who was gathering buggies. He found my excursion highly amusing for some reason. ^_^

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