Thursday, February 10, 2011

ParlVU Site

Who the heck designed the ParlVU site? I wanted to listen to the UBB hearings and had to jump through ridiculous hoops to do it. I don't know if it was Linux, the Chromium browser, or the combination of the two, but I could not get anything to play automatically. While this was annoying, it got worse.

I looked for the URLs of the audio files in the page source. Nope. They are hidden behind a mess of Javascript code. I eventually realized that Chromium was showing the URL in an error dialog, but I had to manually copy the URL into a terminal window, because I couldn't even copy and paste the text from the dialog. Once I had the URL, mplayer played it without any trouble whatsoever.

Good grief! Who the heck designed this site? With my tax dollars, even! And I have no doubt that it works perfectly in Windows, of course. Grrr.

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