Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UBB Reaches The Top

Micheal Geist has written an analysis of UBB which covers the entire situation rather well. UBB is caused by the same disease which infects the entire Canadian telecommunications industry: lack of competition. There are only for major ISPs in Canada, although only one operates nationwide, and in most areas they are lucky if they get two choices. Between those four, they control 96% of the ISP market and all of the last mile infrastructure. Unless that domination of the market is properly managed, the tiny 4% of the remaining ISPs cannot exist.

That message appears to have reached the top with the Prime Minister getting involved and promising an immediate review of the CRTC decision. Given Harper's top down style of running the government, if he is getting involved, it means that some action will definitely be taken. But they make the right choice? We wait with bated breath. The future of competitive Internet access in Canada hangs in the balance.

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