Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Doesn't Work!

I just love problem reports that say nothing more than, "it doesn't work." That is essentially what I was told last week after the folks in Seattle installed the rebuilt controller. Had the darned thing even powered up properly?

Due to their production schedule, today was the first day they had free to examine the problem further. My customer here in Toronto asked my to come in, in case my help was needed on the phone. When I got there around 1pm, the problem was already solved. It was just an incorrectly attached connector. From this we can conclude that "it doesn't work" covers everything from catastrophic failure (worse case) to human error (best case), which narrows down the problem significantly. ^_^

Oh, and in case you think I got paid for doing nothing today, no such luck. My customer had been sitting on a few other small problems, just waiting for the next time I came in. Money for nothing? Not a chance!

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